Miss Sandi’s Kitchen

Miss Sandi’s Kitchen



I have worked with a lot of awesome people on a lot of awesome jobs, but I’ve got to say that a highlight for me is working with Sandi from Southern Savorings.  I have the great privilege to photograph some of the most amazing creations she makes for Streetscape Magazine.  Not only do I get to photograph them, but I get to enjoy partaking in the savory delights.  The last meal she created was no exception. This bowl of shrimp and grits was as delicious as it is beautiful.  There’s just something about sitting and talking for hours around a table while sharing a hot meal that warms the soul.  If you are in the area and are in need of some food being make for a small gathering you need to hit this woman up!

Can declaration lead to failure?

Can declaration lead to failure?



Do you ever feel like you need this grand beginning to something?  You shout out, or in today’s age tweet out, that you are starting something new.

“Today is the first day I start eating healthy!”

“I got a new gym membership!”

“I’m going to start my new business!”

“I’m going to post something new every day!”

Then what happens?  If you’re like me you get to about day four of whatever you prophesied as your new routine and you fizzle out.  Why is it I wonder?  If you came here hoping I had the answer then you came to the wrong place.  Sorry!  I have been thinking about this and processing it though.  I think I find for me though, while declaring it seems like what is going to make me commit, just starting something is where I find success.  I told myself I was going to write about this and write about something else separately, but I think I will just combine them into this one thought.

It was about this very week four years ago that I started Crossfit.  I didn’t declare it.  I don’t think I posted about it on social media.  I had been watching videos about it for about a year, prior to signing up, out of interest. Then one day while on the internet sitting in a bookstore I signed up for the free into.  It wasn’t until then I frantically texted one friend and admitted what I’d done.  If you know me at all or follow me on social media then you know how much this sport and community has meant to me.  It’s literally been life changing.  I don’t say that to convince people to choose the route I did.  That’s just what it has been for me.

To go back to my original point though I never stuck my flag into the ground and proclaimed that I was going to be there for the next four years.  That day I just made a decision because for at least that day that is something I wanted to be as a part of my story.  I’m not saying to not have a goal or not to be held accountable or not to commit to something.  I just wonder if sometimes some of us can be declarative addicts.  I think I will confess my addiction or at least my draw to it.

I heard someone say once in a conversation that we can get the same high from just saying we’re going to do something as we do when we actually achieve something.  The problem is that when we don’t achieve it the depression sets in along with the feeling of failure.

An author I love talked about in a workshop I attended about the things we do telling a story.  Think about the story you want to tell when you are at the end of your life.  Is the decision you are making in this moment going to help tell that story or does it possibly take you further away from the story you want to tell with your life.  I think this is something all of us have to revisit every morning.  The slightest undetected shift in the winds of life can take us unknowingly in the wrong direction for a long time before we realize it.  We constantly need to be reevaluating the course and if it’s still the course we want to be on.

GLAM Senior Portraits

For those of you who have not seen my announcement I am now offering GLAM sessions for senior girls.  The photoshoot replaces the traditional senior portrait session in the sense that I have a hair and makeup stylist that works with the girls making sure they are picture ready for their session!  Included with this special senior photoshoot is a makeup bag that I advertised on my Facebook page.  Go check it out to see some of what is offered!  With every GLAM senior portrait session you are welcome to bring a friend or up to three friends to share in the experience!  Here is a shoot that I did with Abbi and Cayce at my office, OPO startups.

First up is Abbi!


And here are Cayce’s senior portraits!


Then I decided have a little fun with girls to get a little less traditional shot.  I love shooting these because the result will never be the same.  It’s literally like a having a personal piece of art of yourself!



Here’s a shot of the girls together at the end of their GLAM session!


Family Photography

While a lot of my website shows individuals and corporate shots I love to photograph a family doing what they love to do.  Far too often I get parents who try to hold their children’s head and yell at them to smile because they want a good photo.  Parents, there’s no need!  Go have fun!  Go explore!  I loved photographing the William’s family for that very reason.  They love to go camping, like we did at Klondike park for their shoot, and spend time with each other exploring which is what made this day such a fun one for all of us!  I hope you enjoy these and I hope the next time you book your family session you keep this in mind for your family.JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily01 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily14 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily32 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily34 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily41 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily54 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily55 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily60 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily61 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily64 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily66 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily71 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily79

Why you need a new headshot

Most of us probably overlook getting a new headshot.  We may think it’s unnecessary or not important to update our headshot.  The reality is that when someone looks at your business they look at you first and make a decision based on their impression whether they want to work with you or not.  So then the question is what is your headshot saying about you?  Does it send the message that you’re trying to send to a potential client?

I often seen LinkedIn profile pictures that people post that look like it’s their Facebook profile picture they took at a party.  Now if you’re a professional party planner then by all means use that photo.  If you are in a corporate field, however, then your photo should depict that. You will be much more trusted in  your business if your headshot reflects the person you are and the service you provide.

Here is a headshot I recently took for Julie.  After a brief consultation with her she decided a more professional headshot would benefit her and her business.  Below is the update to her headshot.



Male Model – Case

Are you a model looking to get signed with an agency or update your portfolio?  Male Model, Case, with Talent Plus was looking to get signed to an agency and came to me to begin building his modeling portfolio.  We got together to talk about some looks he was looking for and what he thought his agency was looking for and we set a date to shoot.  I loved this shoot because we did it in my living room for that was all I had available at the moment on short notice.  Both Case and I were extremely happy with the results despite the small low budget conditions.  He even ended up signing with his modeling agency as he hoped.

If you’re looking to have some new photos taken for modeling purposes feel free to contact me and we’ll set up a session!Munson-7 Munson-10 Munson-16 Munson-23 Munson-25

Business, Portrait, Photography

Business, Portrait, Photography