Family Photography

While a lot of my website shows individuals and corporate shots I love to photograph a family doing what they love to do.  Far too often I get parents who try to hold their children’s head and yell at them to smile because they want a good photo.  Parents, there’s no need!  Go have fun!  Go explore!  I loved photographing the William’s family for that very reason.  They love to go camping, like we did at Klondike park for their shoot, and spend time with each other exploring which is what made this day such a fun one for all of us!  I hope you enjoy these and I hope the next time you book your family session you keep this in mind for your family.JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily01 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily14 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily32 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily34 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily41 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily54 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily55 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily60 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily61 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily64 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily66 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily71 JharderphotographyWilliamsFamily79

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