Your Experience

You’ve decided that a branding photoshoot is the right next step for you. But what’s next you may ask?!


Before we get started with your branding photoshoot, I will either sit down with you face to face or schedule a zoom meeting where we can talk about what your photoshoot will look like. Every business is different which means every branding session will be different. During our meeting we will discuss specific photo ideas, color scheme, locations, and wardrobe. You are your brand so meeting with you will allow me to get to know YOU better so that I can share your story with your ideal client!

I get it! You’re running on all cylinders. You are trying to make sure you have all the things you are supposed to have and make sure they are all cohesive, and beautiful, and, and…… Whoa there my overworked, overtired friend! I got you! I know how it feels to try and make sure you have  everything you need in place. When I hear from someone inquiring about branding photography, I like to start out by sending them a branding checklist. This checklist allows you to make sure you have the things in place to promote your personal brand. In addition to the branding checklist I will also send a shot list. If you are feeling fresh out of ideas for shots you want or need, you can refer to this list so you don’t feel like you have to come up with all the ideas yourself!

Once you have a feel for your brand, and you’ve gone through your photo checklist it’s time to put it all together and schedule your photoshoot!

We will then pick a location. This location can be at your office, out on location, or at a rented studio. Whatever makes sense for your business and style.

Once you have your photos it will be time to start posting! Whether it be for your website or your social media, get ready to watch your brand come to life with your new branding photos!! I can’t wait to meet with you and get to know you! Call, or text, and let’s set up an appointment to talk more about your business and brand!